Tax Free Payments and Benefits

Tax Free Payments and Benefits (For Employees & Directors) Your employer may provide you with benefits or pay expenses or reimburse them, but these expenses payments […]
Saving Money As Limited Company Director

Saving Money As A Limited Company Director

Running a limited company business and navigating your way through allowable expenses and tax benefits can be complicated. Here are a few of the ways that […]
company's year end

How To Change Your Company’s Year End

If you’re looking on how to change your company’s year end, there’s two ways you can do so. The first is by shortening the accounting period […]
saving money as a limited company director

Best Combinations For Salary and Dividends 2019/20

Getting the best combinations for salary and dividends in 2019/20 can enable you to efficiently take your money out of your company as a director. The […]

Do I Need To File A Tax Return?

If you need to file a tax return and you haven’t filed yours yet, don’t forget to check out our special offer of 50% off self-assessment […]

Celebrate And Let The Taxman Pay For It

HMRC provides added incentives to limited companies putting on a Christmas party or an annual event for employees. The events will be exempt from tax and […]

Trivial Benefits

Trivial benefits are tax-free to employees and do not need to be notified to HMRC on form P11D. Under this exemption, if an employer provides a […]

Contractors Loan Charge And The Taxation

Contractors loan charge and the taxation – what you need to know Contractors who have engaged in disguised remuneration schemes over the past two decades have […]